Kidney stones affect one in twenty people. While the causes of developing kidney stones vary from person to person, they are mostly a result of poor diet and poor hydration. However, people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and gout are at a higher risk of developing kidney stones than otherwise healthy individuals. 

Kidney stones also vary in size greatly. Small stones can easily pass in urine without showing any symptoms. However, larger stones can cause various symptoms. If you experience any of the symptoms of kidney stones in Florida, you should visit a urologist right away: 

1. Urgent and Frequent Need to Urinate 

One of the most obvious signs of kidney stones is the urgent need to go to the bathroom. If you find yourself needing to go to the bathroom more frequently or if you feel like you cannot hold the need to go at all, you might have developed kidney stones.  

In some patients, the need to go could be so urgent that it can wake them up from sleep. However, increased urine urgency and frequency is also a sign that the kidney stone has moved from the kidney to the urinary tract. This symptom of kidney stone is similar to having a UTI and increased blood sugar levels. Hence, you need to watch out for other symptoms too.  

2. Burning Sensation During Urination 

If the kidney stone moves between the bladder and the ureter, it can cause much pain during urination. Most patients describe it as a burning sensation, but it can also feel like a sharp, stinging pain too. If you experience this symptom of kidney stone in Florida, consider going for a medical checkup as soon as possible. The presence of kidney stones in the ureter can often cause infection.  

3. Pain on Side or Back 

Pain on the side or back is the most common and an early symptom of kidney stones. This pain may occur on either side, depending on the kidney where it formed. The waves of pain occur as the kidney tries to flush out the stone from its formation. While the pain is most commonly felt below the ribs on the side of the back, it may move to the lower body near the belly and groin. 

4. Foul Smelling Urine 

While urine does have a bad odor, healthy urine doesn’t smell foul or too strong. Hence, strong-smelling urine is another obvious sign of something wrong with the kidneys. While there is a higher chance of developing kidney stones, it could also be a sign of infection in the kidneys developed as a symptom of kidney stones or otherwise. 

The combination of kidney stones and kidney infection can make urine appear cloudy and concentrated. If you experience cloudy urine, go to an ER immediately in Aventura, Fl, as it is considered a medical emergency.  

5. Vomiting and Nausea 

Since kidneys and the gut are connected, pain or infection in kidneys may trigger the gut. In response to the triggers, the gut tries to empty itself, resulting in constant nausea and vomiting upon eating. This symptom can worsen the condition of the one suffering from kidney stones as it further dehydrates the body and hurdles the passing of kidney stones.  

6. Blood in Urine 

Kidney stones moving through the urinary tract may damage the urinary track’s walls. When urine passes through the urinary tract afterward, it may carry this blood. Depending on how recent the damage to the urinary track’s walls is, the blood can be pink, red, or brown. This symptom usually accompanies the pain of moving kidney stones.  

7. Urinating More Often 

Kidney stones of all sizes can cause blockage in the urinary tract. Large kidney stones may make it especially difficult for urine to pass through the urinary tract. As a result, people feel the need to go more often as they can’t empty their bladder. Blockage in the urinary tract requires immediate medical attention. 

8. Fever 

Fever is another symptom of kidney stones that usually means severe kidney infection along with kidney stones. Patients suffering from kidney stones in Florida and experiencing fever and chills with pain require immediate medical attention. 

Kidney stones can be easily treated and keep from causing kidney infection when detected early on. Seek medical attention for kidney stones upon experiencing early symptoms. A dedicated urology clinic, such as Uro-Medix in Aventura, Florida, can help identify and treat kidney stones and other kidney issues.