Minimally Invasive Surgery with the da Vinci Robotic System

Uromedix is a pioneer when it comes to dealing with urological disorders and leveraging technology to provide our urology patients in Pembroke Pines, Hialeah and Aventura with the most leading edge care available. Toward this end, our urologists use the da Vinci Robotic System for minimally invasive cancer surgery. This technology is available for use in prostatectomy procedures, the treatment of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney disorders and the blockage of the urinary tract, and other conditions.

The Wonders of Robotics

Named after the scientist, painter and student of human anatomy Leonardo da Vinci, the da Vinci Robotic System is designed to make the most complex of forms of surgery only minimally invasive. It does this by turning the actions of the surgeon into tiny and precise movements capable of carrying out the most delicate of procedures. The result is less pain for the patient, greater ease for the surgeon and a higher level of safety and efficiency in general. This in turns means fewer complications, shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries.

How the da Vinci System Works

Seated at a console, the surgeon performs the procedure using instruments and a camera that provides a three-dimensional view inside the patient’s body. The system utilizes four robotic arms that have greater dexterity than the human hand. Its numerous safety features will actually reduce the chance of the types of errors that can occur using more conventional surgical techniques. The da Vinci System was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and has been used in millions of surgical procedures.

The Services We Provide

Surgery using the da Vinci Robotic System is one of the many procedures our urologists perform at Uromedix medical offices in Aventura, Hialeah and Pembroke Pines, Florida. Our urologists directly participate in the latest medical research, giving them expertise in the latest techniques. The procedures we offer provide a superior experience for the patients we serve. Men and women with urological problems can trust Uromedix urologists to provide them with the finest possible urology care available in South Florida. For more information, contact our Aventura office at 305-466-9111 or visit here.