Peyronie disease (PD) affects as many as 10% of men worldwide, and existing therapies like medications and surgery have not proved to be effective. The disease causes the scar tissue in your penis to bend, curve, or lose thickness or size. As the scar tissue develops, you might be capable of feeling it through your epidermis or experiencing pain in a particular area of your penis. Based on the scar, your penis could curve upwards, downwards, or toward the side during an erection.

Along with developing a curvature, the penis can also become dented or short in certain circumstances. This usually happens when such a scar forms on the top and bottom of the shaft. The scar can sometimes completely encircle the penis, causing it to become thin.

Most men do not have erections that are perfectly straight. Just because your penis has a slight curvature doesn’t necessarily mean you have Peyronie disease. If you have always noticed a slight curve in your penis, it is unlikely that you have this disease.


The main sign of Peyronie disease is a curved penis. Some other signs include having a smaller penis, crooked or bowed penis, indented shaft, bumps in the penis, painful erections, soft erections, and difficulty in having sex because of the bend. Peyronie’s disease symptoms might appear suddenly, or they can progressively develop over time. Although ibuprofen can be administered if necessary, Peyronie’s disease pain is typically mild and rarely needs to be treated. Most of the time, the soreness subsides with time, although the scar-related bend in the penis can continue to be an issue. If the symptoms persist, seek natural treatment for Peyronie’s disease in Pembroke Pines FL. 


The cause of Peyronie’s illness is mainly unknown. However, research from Peyronie disease natural treatment in Pembroke Pines FL indicates that trauma to the penis, such as bending or beating due to vigorous sex, may cause the condition to manifest. This may result in bleeding and the formation of scar tissue. Peyronie disease can also be genetic.

Test and Diagnosis

If you suspect you have Peyronie’s disease, the first thing to do is to visit Uromedix to receive Peyronie’s disease treatments in Pembroke Pines FL. Your doctor can establish if you have the illness through a physical examination. Your penis may be initially measured during this examination to determine the location of the scar tissue. Additionally, your doctor might suggest an ultrasound to look for scar tissue and recommend you to a urologist.

Natural treatment for Peyronie’s disease in Pembroke Pines FL can include the application of castor oil on the penis, paying special attention to the scar tissue and the plaque patches. The oil works well for the patients by liquefying and softening the stiff tissues. The treatment must be used for around 10 weeks before the penis is straightened. The outcome may differ depending on the person. Carnitine supplements such as Acetyl-L-carnitine can be used in the treatment of PD and also herbs such as gotu kola. All these can be purchased locally in stores or at Peyronie disease natural treatment Pembroke Pines FL.


If you have Peyronie’s Disease, speak with a specialist in Peyronie’s disease treatments Pembroke Pines FL to arrange a meeting with a specialist to ascertain whether these therapies are appropriate for you given your health records. Contact Uromedix today for any medical assistance and consultation.