Low Sexual Desire – Low Libido

One of the most common complaints among couples is the difference and variance of sexual desire. Hyposexual desire can be a result of relationship problems or be the cause of relationship problems. There is no single standard of sexual desire, and desire differs from person to person. People differ in the level of sexual appetite.

Low sexual desire for men may be tied to physiologic arousal. For women it may be more psychological and situational.

In long-term relationships, the waning of sexual desire is inevitable, whether by age or familiarity, but most experts believe low desire is treatable.

Treatments for low sexual desire may include partner counseling to resolve conflicts, hidden resentments or power struggles. Since depression is also an important cause of diminished desire in both men and women, treatment of depression is another path to resolve desire problems.

Communication and open conversation about arousal is key to having a successful sexual relationship. Knowing how to arouse your partner and education each other about your needs and wants is the most effective route to regaining your libido.