For men, the ability to not perform sexually is seen as being less than a male and reflects on the individual. 

Erectile dysfunction occurs when men have difficulty getting sexually aroused or maintaining erections. 

A study by the Cleveland Clinic found that these issues impact 52% of all men. You are 40% to 70% more likely to have erectile dysfunction as you get older and pass 40.

Despite the alarming statistics, you can solve these challenges by knowing the causes, risks, and how to prevent erectile dysfunction in Hialeah. We look at what is happening and the best avenues for solving erectile dysfunction as you become older. 

Erection Issues

All men will experience erection issues from time to time, and just because this occurs with you does not mean you have erectile dysfunction. The reality is that every man will go through times where they cannot perform as they did previously. The difference is in the consistency of the problem, by experiencing erectile dysfunction regularly. 

In some cases, these issues are signs of other health conditions, and your erectile dysfunction is a symptom. 

Some common indications of erectile dysfunction include less sexual desire, trouble getting, or maintaining erections. If you experience any of these issues consistently, you should seek out the help of a medical professional. 

Uromedix can help with our highly rated doctors that specialize in sexual health and wellbeing. We can identify the causes of erectile dysfunction and help you to get back to normal.  You don’t have to go through life by feeling like less of a man when you can get the treatment you require. 

The Causes 

The causes of erectile dysfunction involve a combination of blood vessels, nerves, the brain, hormones, and emotions. Sometimes, psychology plays a role in worsening the condition from worrying about what is happening. 

The most frequent physical factors include high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, substance abuse, low testosterone, cancer, and select medications. 

The most common psychological causes include stress, depression, relationship challenges, and anxiety. 

Any or combination of these factors creates the right conditions for you to experience erectile dysfunction. If you have them, the best approach is to contact your doctor and discuss what is happening. 

Contact Uromedix and see how we can help you with your erectile dysfunction challenges. We specialize in these and other areas, such as prostate cancer in Hialeah, so you can find out what is going on and address the situation.   


Even if you don’t have erectile dysfunction in Hialeah, you want to know the risk factors. Some of the most common include injuries, obesity, tobacco use, excessive drinking, drug abuse, medical treatments (such as chemotherapy), and heart conditions. 

Any of these will impact your health and your ability to perform sexually, but you should not worry as you can improve your health. 

Uromedix specializes in treating all of these conditions and risk factors to help you with your erectile dysfunction. 


The best way to prevent erectile dysfunction is to make healthy lifestyle choices and follow the program consistently. You should get regular health checkups and stick with your doctor’s advice after being diagnosed with specific conditions. 

For example, if you have high blood pressure and are overweight, you want to follow the plan laid out. Creating positive changes in your lifestyle will improve your overall health, and you will not have erectile dysfunction. 

Be sure to exercise regularly and focus on improving your mental health to avoid suffering from depression and anxiety. Improving these areas will create positive changes and help with other conditions that are causing health problems. 

Uromedix can assist in preventing and treating erectile dysfunction by visiting, with one of our trained professionals. 

Let Us Help

These are some of the causes, risks, and ways to prevent erectile dysfunction in Hialeah. Call Uromedix today at 305-466-9111 and let us help you to feel better with our professionalism, experience, and knowledge. 

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