Robotic prostatectomy treatment is considered to be minimally invasive and requires a team of medical professionals at Uromedix in Pembroke Pines. This type of treatment is increasing in popularity due to the different benefits it offers to patients who are diagnosed with prostate cancer or prostate-related issues. Here are a few advantages to consider with undergoing this type of surgery at Uromedix.


1. Less Discomfort and Pain

Because this type of treatment is less invasive, it involves less discomfort and pain during the recovery process, making it easier to return to normal activity in the weeks following the procedure. A small incision is made in the abdomen, which starts at the belly button and extends to the public bone. The vital structures in the body are preserved due to the advanced image processing equipment in use as the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves are magnified by the three-dimensional endoscope.


2. Shorter Hospital Stay

The surgery only takes two to three hours to perform and only requires using general anesthesia. Most patients only stay overnight in the hospital. They are immediately discharged once their lab results are normal to ensure they can return to the comfort of their homes for a better overall experience that is less challenging.


3. Faster Recovery Time

Traditional prostatectomy surgeries require a stay of two days in the hospital and an average of two months of recovery. Robotic surgery only requires two to three weeks of the recovery process to make it easier to return to work and resume your schedule without as much interruption in your life. You can take less time off of work and return to your daily activities sooner. Many patients can also enjoy a faster return to potency and continence.


4. Reduced Blood Loss

There’s a lot less blood loss with robotic surgery because the incisions are smaller. The gas that is generated for inflating the abdomen also prevents blood loss due to the additional pressure applied during the procedure.


5. A High Level of Accuracy

There’s a high level of accuracy that comes with surgery that uses robotics that is offered at Uromedix in Pembroke Pines due to the robotic components and technology in use. The surgeon has more control over the surgical tools while removing the seminal vesicles, the end of the vas deferens, and the prostate. This results in a quicker and more efficient process with a lower risk of mistakes or complications. The surgeon is provided a higher level of control of the tools in use to ensure they can only have contact with tissues that need to be removed for unmatched precision.


Da Vinci Prostatectomy is becoming more common and is deemed the most effective and least invasive treatment method for patients diagnosed in the early stages of prostate cancer. Although being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be traumatic, recovery can be easier for those who opt for Da Vinci Prostatectomy, which is now the preferred treatment by many medical professionals and patients. Contact us to learn more.