What is a vasectomy and how is it done?

A bit of anatomy; the sperm is produced in the testicles and runs through a small tube called the vas deferens. A vasectomy involves cutting both the right and left vas deferens through a tiny incision in the upper scrotum.

A no needle no scalpel technique is used and can often be done in the office in 15-20 minutes with minimal discomfort. There are no sexually effects from a vasectomy so erections, libido and the amount and quality of ejaculate are unaffected. Most men don’t realize that the fluid produced during orgasm comes mostly from the prostate and other glands such as seminal vesicles and cowpers glands. So there should be no ramifications on sexual performance. A vasectomy does not affect one’s manlihood or testosterone. Very rarely can one experience recurrent pain on one side where a vasectomy was performed; fortunately that is rare and there are remedies for that should it occur.