First time at Uromedix?

Here is list of things to bring with you for a successful visit to the urologist:

  1. Please ensure to bring your insurance card, identification, a referral if needed, and results from tests performed by your primary care doctor, and copies of any imaging studies.
  2. Prepare a list of all medications, doses, supplements, and herbs that you regularly take to give to the urologist.
  3. List the times you take your medication.
  4. Bring detailed notes of your symptoms, trying to recall when your symptoms began.For example, if you are in pain, describe as accurately as you can where it hurts. Think about keeping a journal on phone or notebook to record.
  5. If relevant, bring a diary of your daily beverage and food intake.

Some people are sensitive to certain types of food. For example, many people with interstitial cystitis learn that they cannot tolerate certain food. This will be very helpful in helping to plan out a plan of care for you.

Here is a link to our patient forms.

At Uromedix, we recognize that your time is valuable. By taking the time to make these lists and preparing for your urologist appointment, you will help us to expedite your visit.